1. Replaying fallout 3.

    I felt like an asshole for like 3 years first time I destroyed megaton, that mission is something else!

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    She’s gonna hate me for that first photo
    Love you babe don’t not give me the sex that would make me sad.

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WEC 53: Dominick Cruz vs. Scott Jorgensen
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    people that have trouble gaining weight


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Seeing this gif everywhere
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    Everytime I get caught in a tight sub.

    Everytime I get caught in a tight sub.

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    waking up and realizing you slept through your alarm


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    I started playing The Wolf Among Us this evening (thank you, Steam sale), and I just can’t get over this fucking pig. I mean, it’s a game about fairy-tale creatures, right? And, say, Mr. Toad is…you know, a fittingly anthropomorphized toad. Just like you’d expect. But the three little pigs are just real-ass pigs, one of whom drinks and smokes and tolerates absolutely none of the main character’s angsty, grizzled man-pain. Oh, I love him.

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    Possibly the most satisfying dialogue choice in The Wolf Among Us Episode 5: Cry Wolf.

    (Tumblr won’t let me upload it any larger, so read the captions if you can’t see the subtitles!)

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    bloody mary fight


    crooked man trial scene


    tj giving snow the beetle




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    Ending The Wolf Among Us like




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    I’ve heard stories about you. In the old days; how you picked off those men one by one. Oh, how they screamed. “The wolf is coming." And they would wait… hiding anywhere they could squeeze their pathetic shivering corpses. Some would just drop to their knees where they stood, close their eyes… And wait for death. And you’d give it to them. I wish I could have seen it…

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    Felt so good to shut her up finally.

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    big bad wolf

    Everybody knows you

    You’re the big bad wolf.